Five Slots Tricks Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

The tactic is to try to lose the least possible money, that is, your priority objective is to minimize the losses in your games, something that, of course, can make you win.

Build up the promotions

You will not know an online casino without its corresponding promotion. They are usually directed towards users who do not know this type of game. From the different welcome promotions to doubling income, through bonuses with no initial deposits. 

You can also find casinos that return a percentage of the losses, something that you will be grateful for in your first games and with which you will go, little by little, obtaining a higher amount to play. Review the conditions, requirements, features, rules, and restrictions of all the promotions you find to collect your prizes.

Which machines are suitable? Observe well and choose better

Choosing is giving up … or so the philosophers say. Until one lives in his own flesh, the taste of victory, don’t listen to the legends that swarm and don’t hold up. Have faith in the recommendations of professional portals and things, for sure, will get better.

Mainly, you should select slots that have a good payout percentage, and this is due to payback rates, which is why it is appropriate for you to play on forks with return percentages ranging from 95% to 99%.

Stick to the budget

Do not spend more than you have. We understand that there are very special occasions when it can be exceeded – intuition, hot machine. Do not carry credit or debit cards. Do not carry checkbooks. Do not go with trusted people who can write checks or pay you whims.

Mark the date on your calendar in red -72 hours before playing the game- and write in the same box the number with which you plan to play. On the contrary, in online games, establish in your profile an economic limit that prohibits you from investing more in a certain period of time.

Enjoy it!

After deciding how much you want to play and you are sure you will, now you really have to enjoy the game. You got the most important thing: choosing the game and setting yourself a limit. Now you need to have fun. Even if you are losing, some research has revealed that the most exciting moment occurs right after pressing the button. That moment of hope is what generates dopamine and circulates adrenaline through your body.

Leave something for later

Greed can break the sack, and this is something that you must fire in your subconscious. Do not bet your full profit; try to keep it to a margin and continue playing with the figure that you had budgeted from the beginning. Your red line is not to reach zero.

Don’t go from there. Many big winners have a very simple trick: divide the money earned and the budget in each pocket of the pants. Another way is to claim the refund in the profile of your account from the part that will not be reinvested in the game. Don’t hesitate to do so if you win a progressive jackpot.

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